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Friday, November 6, 2009

Manny Pacquiao appeared as a guest on one of America's most popular evening talk shows "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

part 1


Celebrity boxer Manny Pacquiao appeared as a guest on one of America's most popular evening talk shows "Jimmy Kimmel Live", where he talked about his acting career, his training regimen, and where he gets his orange juice.

Here is the transcript of the interview, which aired on ABC:

Jimmy Kimmel: You've got a superhero character.

Manny Pacquiao: Oh, that's my movie.

(Audience laughs)

JK: What are Whapakman's powers?

MP: Everything.

JK: Everything? Can you fly?

MP: Yeah, I do my own stunts in the shooting.

JK: Can he get invisible?

MP: No but um...

JK: Oh, not everyting...

MP: (Laughs). Yeah a lot of things. It makes like a Superman, Spiderman, you know.

JK: You like acting? Is that what you want to do in the future?

MP: Aside from boxing, I like acting.

JK: So you're boxing, acting and you do some singing also.

MP: Singing.

JK: You've recorded an album? Another album, I hear?

MP: Yeah.

JK: It's usually not a good idea for boxers to record albums. You feel like it's a positive experience for you?

MP: We'll I'm enjoying doing it, you know.

JK: You're like the most popular guy in all of the Philippines, right?

MP: (Nods, then laughs)

JK: When you go back there, it must be crazy. You must not be able to go anywhere.

MP: People recognize me, they get excited. They want to take a picture.

JK: So it makes it difficult for you to go around?

MP: Yeah I can't go around... even to the mall.

JK: You can't go to the mall? Where do you get your "Orange Julius"?

MP: (Laughs) I send somebody to get it for me.

JK: I heard your entourage is enormous. How many men and women are in your entourage?

MP: A lot... like more than 30.

JK: More than 30? What are their jobs? Do they all have jobs?

MP: They have their own jobs... They are, have assignments.

JK: Each one has an assignment? Seems like someone could double up though, right? Like the one like, 'You're the guy who gets me coffee'?

MP: There's a guy who cook for me, wash my clothes, clean my room...

JK: All separate guys? And I heard you live with a lot of people, like, you live with 15 people in a place here in LA? Is that true?

MP: In my apartment. Not 15, it's like 8.

JK: Wow. that's a lot of people. You ever wish that you could be by yourself?

MP: Sometimes I'm thinking it's good to be alone.

JK: Just like Pam Anderson who lives in her trailer.

MP: (Laughs)

JK: You get to meet her at all?

MP: No.

JK: You're a married man, right? You have kids? How many kids do you have?

MP: The first one is Junior, the second one is Michael Stephen, the third one is Mary Divine Grace, and the fourth is Queen Elizabeth.

JK: Queen Elizabeth? Not THE Queen Elizabeth. Why did you name her Queen Elizabeth?

MP: Well, I like that name.

JK: Have you ever met the queen?

MP: No.

JK: I think that you'd be interested. You named your daughter after her.

MP: You know, it's kind of, I like to watch the movies you know...

JK: I think you mean Queen Latifa.

MP: (Laughs)

JK: You're training very hard. In fact, I find this very hard to believe. Is it true that this is a stick that, part of your training is you get hit with this stick?

MP: Yeah, it hurts.

JK: This is serious. yeah, (calls to man off-camera) come over here for a second. Beat Manny with this stick and let's see what happens.

MP: (Stands up. Man taps him with the stick at the abdomen, Pacquiao tries the same thing on JK)

MP: It's like a mind conditioning for the pain.

JK: It doubles the pain and desensitizes you? That's a bad idea i think... (audience laughs) You're fighting on Nov. 14, you're fighting a good fighter, Miguel Cotto from Puerto Rico. I think it's interesting that you haven't been bragging that you'd knock the guy out. You have respect for him as a fighter.

MP: Yeah, I respect Miguel Cotto. He's the champion for this fight and I'm the challenger. He's a good fighter also.

JK: You're going up the weight class to fight him.

MP: Yeah.

JK: It's a big fight and has many millions of dollars. Once you fight him, you feel like you would have done everything or you continue to fight?

MP: I don't know, it's hard to say right now. But this fight is very important to me because if I win this fight, it will be a history in boxing.

JK: Once you have $30-40 million in the bank, it seems like you've left this stick even less pleasurable.

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