Pacquiao vs Bradley RESULT : BRADLEY WINS

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Martinez vs pavlik result: Martinez beats Pavlik to claim middleweight title.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.—Nobody could deny Sergio Martinez the victory this time.

The junior middleweight champion dominated the final five rounds Saturday night, winning a bloody and impressive unanimous decision over Kelly Pavlik to claim the WBO and WBC middleweight belts at Boardwalk Hall.

Martinez (45-2-2) moved up to 160 pounds to challenge Pavlik, who had never been defeated at his natural weight. The 35-year-old from Argentina put on marvelous display of speed and footwork, though, rallying from a questionable knockdown in the seventh round to batter and frustrate the pride of Youngstown, Ohio.

When the final bell sounded, Martinez immediately ran for the corner and leaped onto the ropes in victory, his promoter Lou DiBella storming into the ring. Pavlik solemnly raised his own arm, his face awash in blood—just as it been at the end of every round after the eighth.

Judge Roberto Ramirez scored the fight 116-111, Barbara Perez scored it 115-111 and Craig Metcalfe had it 115-112. The Associated Press also scored it 115-112.

Kelly Pavlik vs. Sergio Martinez Highlights

Pacquiao Ahead on Poll Surveys, Election Win Predicted

According to Manny Pacquiao's lovely wife Jinkee, her husband is ahead on poll surveys as the election day draws near. The Filipino boxing champ is running for the second time as a lone district congressman for his province of Sarangani, Philippines.
Barely three weeks before election day, poll surveys reveal Manny Pacquiao is ahead of his political rival for the lone congressional seat in Sarangani province in southern Philippines.
Pacquiao's good showing in poll survey results could be traced to the active participation of his wife Jinkee in the campaign. Jinkee, whose family and relatives are from Sarangani has been actively campaigning in remote areas of the province to help the Filipino boxer in his election bid.
“We are actually ahead in the surveys but now we really have to maximize our efforts and time,” Jinkee reveals
Pacquiao is running for a congressional post for the second time. He lost the race in his first attempt against a lady congresswoman from General Santos City.
Jinkee says she is confident her husband can make a difference—especially in the life of poor residents.
“We talked about it and I believe in his good intentions to serve the people of Sarangani,” she says. “Manny and I can’t let our supporters down. The people need help.”
During the campaign, Manny Pacquiao told his constituents when asked how he will make a difference as a politician:

“I’ll show you how to make a big difference. I want you all to idolize me not just in the ring but above all, in public service,” Pacquiao tells the crowd in Glan town on Thursday.
The boxing superstar has delivered issue-based speeches on the campaign trail. He shuns personal attacks practiced by traditional politicians.

Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum earlier announced he will fly to the Philippines onto Sarangani to show his support to the Filipino boxer's fight outside the boxing ring. Arum is very popular in the Philippines for having helped budding Filipino boxers in their quest for excellence in the sports of boxing.
The topnotch boxing promoter is much more popular In General Santos City and Sarangani where Pacquiao and his family maintain residence.