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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ricky Hatton takes on Paulie Malignaggi November 22, 2008 at MGM GRAND in Las Vegas.

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao said on Thursday he is still insisting on a 60-40 split for his proposed “superfight” with British champion Ricky Hatton.
Manny Pacquiao said he’s not going to fight Briton Ricky Hatton if they will get equal share of the pay-per-view revenues that would be derived from their May 2 fight in Las Vegas.

Heres Ricky Hattons latest fight.

Ricky Hatton takes on Paulie Malignaggi, with Hatton's IBO light-welterweight title at stake at MGM Grand in Las Vegas November 22, 2008.

Right Click the red Circle (once) to play video.

Right Click the red Circle (once) to play video.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to save energy in your home- follow these nine steps

1 Lower water heater temperature to 120°F
2 Loweer thermostat in winter by 2°F
3 Wash clothes in cold water
4 Turn off unneeded lights
5 Turn off home-office equipment
6 Unplug extra fridge in garage
7 Increase AC thermostat by 3°F
8 Air dry clothes during summer

9 Use energy-saving mode on appliances. Studies have shown
you can save $50 per year using this feauture alone.

Add up all the nine steps and you can save a total of $300.00 per year

I save as much as any person can these days , turn off the ac durning the day, open the windows to let the fresh air in , do laundry once a week, run the dish washer once a week , keep things unpluged that are not being used, have only the lights on in the room we are light bill has droped some this year not much, but i can see the difference from last year [200.00] a month to [150.00] sometimes even [140.00] .. times are hard for all of us but if we keep trying we can get threw this it may hurt us not to go buy that cup of 5.00 cup of coffee, stay home with the family dont go out every night to eat do it once a week , stay out of the theaters buy a movie for 5.00 and then u can see it over again as many times as u like.. my thoughts to everyone who says they cant make it in these hard times think of those who have less than we [us] do get down on your knees and thank him up above ... we are lucky to kave what little bit of our life is ours, it could be worse than u think.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

debt cures- how to get out of debt- low rate credit cards

The key points in getting out of credit problem is to find a low rate credit card.

* Unpaid credit card balances are the worst kind of debt. Come up with a plan for paying these off, and make it a priority.

* Your goal should be to carry only one or two credit cards with balances paid in full every month.

Now that you have a sense of "good debt" and "bad debt," you might be worrying about one thing: that you have way too much of the bad stuff! (Or maybe not: if you're keeping the bad debt to a minimum, give yourself a pat on the back.)

If you're like many people, though, you're staring at a big pile of credit card debt that is costing you plenty in monthly payments. Not to worry, though, because in this lesson we're going to talk about how you can pay that debt down, and keep your credit card use under control in the future.
Pay Down That Credit Debt

It won't be enough, however, to just make minimum monthly payment.

1. Stop spending money like you free money. Think how are you going to pay all these at the end of the month. For example get a certified used care insted of a new one. Car monthy payments and insurance can take a big part of your paycheck.
2. Shop around for low rate credit card.
3. Always pay more than the minimum. The credit card companies are not just being nice when they require only a small minimum payment on your total balance. They calculate this minimum to extend your payments for as long as possible, to boost their profits. Scrimp if you need to, and pay as much as you can above the minimum every month.
4. Plan your attack. Don't just throw yourself at a mountain of debt without preparation. How many cards do you have? What interest rates do they charge? Which have the highest balances? Write down your balances for each card, and their interest rates. (There's space in the workbook for this.)
Generally, you'll want to start by paying off the card with the highest rate first, and then the next highest, and so on. If you want a quick boost, go ahead and pay off a card with a low balance, just to have one paid-off card under your belt.
5. Reduce the interest rate. Most credit cards charge anywhere from 16% to 20%, which is huge! But you can negotiate with your credit card company for a lower rate. Particularly if you've had any of your cards for a while, take advantage of being a faithful customer, and call them up to demand a lower rate. Shoot for 11% or 12%. You'd be surprised at how easy it is.
6. Consolidate your debts. OK, so you know what the interest rates and outstanding balances are for each of your cards, and you've reduced the rate on at least some of them. Next, consider combining your debts onto one or two of your lowest rate cards, if you've got some credit room on them. (If you're maxed out on those cards, then forget it.) Simply call your lender and ask how to transfer funds.

If you're making payments well above the minimum, have reduced the interest rates on your cards, and have consolidated your debt, then you're in good shape with your credit card debt.

How Many Cards Are Enough?

In the end, your goal is to carry only one or two credit cards, and pay off the balances each month. If you've gotten carried away and have five, six, or more cards, consider the benefits of closing out most of them:

* Simplicity. Fewer cards will be easier to track. In addition, you'll have a much better sense of your overall debt level when it's on one or two cards, rather than spread across a bunch of them.

* Better credit record. You'll want to have at least one credit card to help build your credit history. If you're married, your spouse should have at least one card in his or her name only, for the same reason. Too many cards can hurt your credit rating, particularly if they all have large unpaid balances.

* Less temptation. The more cards you have, the easier it is to rationalize excessive spending. "After all, this card only has $500 on it!" (Never mind that you've got two more that are carrying $5,000 each.) But, remember that your card's credit limits are not like poker bets: you don't have to match (or much less "raise") them. Fewer cards, lower balances: that's your goal.


We've given you six concrete steps toward getting credit card debt under control. Head to your workbook for some hands-on debt intervention. Hopefully, you share our vision of two credit cards, maximum, with balance paid in full each month.

ALSO, Shop around for rates in the internet. Beleive me there are promo rates out there. Take advantage of those offers.


Student Loan Consolidation is a practical repayment tool that bundles all your school loans into one loan, significantly reducing your monthly payment. Take a look at how much you can save each month with our

Consolidating your federal student loans can reduce your monthly payment up to 53%. You can eSign your application online and be finished in minutes.

LOOK FOR private student loan consolidation program that offers interest rate reductions for on-time and automatic payments and there are no pre-payment penalties.

Beleive me there are lots out there.

Borrow money for college: The best student loan companies for students

If you're looking for a smart way to pay for college, you just found it.
Simplify your search for school loans check it out online.

Student loan companies allows you to:
* Borrow what you need - from $1,500 to $40,000 per academic year1
* Pay for other education-related expenses
* Competitive interest rates
* Receive a check in as few as 5 business days
* Pay it back after you graduate

Private student loans, also known as alternative student loans, help bridge the gap between the actual costs of college and other financial aid. Look for competitive rates and excellent customer service when you are seeking college money.

Student Loan Companies can provide up to $40,000 per academic year1 to help you pay for the real costs associated with getting an education - from books and lab fees to a new laptop.

Specific loans for education at all levels.
Student Loans can help provide funds for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, continuing education and certificate programs.

Covering the full cost of education.
Alternative student loans are often used to supplement federal student loans. Tuition-only loans are another option but using a credit card to cover other education expenses can be risky.

Delay repayment while you're in school.
Get the college money you need now, and don't pay a cent until 6 months after you graduate. Or make interest-only payments while in school or start paying right away to save the most money.


Need a credit card - find the best credit card rates- Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

When you shop for a credit card company, consider the 10 types of credit card that caters to your needs.These are the 10 Type of Credit Cards:

1) Low Interest Credit Card - Offers Low Interest Credit Cards
Credit cards with 0% intro APRs & low fixed rate offers

2) Balance Transfer Credit Card - Offers Balance Transfer Cards
Transfer a high interest balance onto a low APR credit card

3)Rewards Credit Card - Offers Rewards Credit Cards
Credit cards that "reward" you for your purchases

4)Cash Back Credit Card - Offers Cash Back Credit Cards
Credit cards that allow you to earn cash back on purchases

5)Airline Credit Card - OffersAirline Credit Cards
Earn frequent flyer miles with an airline credit card

6)Instant Approval Credit Cards- Instant Approval Cards
Get approved instantly on select credit cards from specific banks

7)Prepaid Credit Card - Offers Prepaid & Debit Cards ,Control your spending with debit cards, prepaid debit cards, & prepaid credit cards

8)Credit Cards for Bad Credit- Credit Cards for Bad Credit
Cards for people with bad credit or less than perfect credit

9)Student Credit Card - Offers Student Credit Cards
Credit cards for high school & college students

10)Corporate & Business Credit Card - Offers Business Credit Cards
Cards for corporate & small-business owners

auto accident law firm- winning verdicts $2 million, $1 million, $500thousand,$100 thousand

A car accident is a road traffic incident which usually involves at least one road vehicle being in collision with, either another vehicle, another road user, or a stationary roadside object, and which may result in injury or property damage.

Auto accidents not only involve personal injury law, but insurance law as well. In the USA, it is mandatory to carry auto liability coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), and uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. In order to receive compensation, you must contact a law firm

You must contact a law firm if you are involve in this type of accidents.
- Car, Truck, Bus, Train
- Motorcycle, Bicycle
- Pedestrian Knockdowns
- Boating Accidents
- Airplane Accidents
- Railroad Accidents
- All types of vehicular accidents

Contacting a law firm is neccesary because they can help you get the accident report and other documentation as well as facilatate you with the needed medical care.

You could get this amount as a winning verdict or a settlement

Types of Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident $20,000,000
Medical Malpractice &10,000,000
Motor Vehicle Accident $7,000,000
Construction Accident Verdict $3,900,000
Construction Accident Settlement $ 3,000,000
Construction Accident Verdict $2,500,000
Elevator Accident Verdict $2,300,000
Construction Accident $2,300,000
Medical Malpractice Childbirth $2,200,000
Wrongful Death Hospital Negligence $2,000,000
Fire Accident Verdict $2,000,000
Car Accident Verdict $2,000,000
Motor Vehicle Head Trauma Verdict $1,800,000
Auto Accident Verdict - Brain Injury $2,000,000
Railroad Accident Settlement $1,800,000
Medical Malpractice Settlement $1,650,000
Slip and Fall on ice in building $1,200,000
Motor Vehicle Rollover $1,100,000
Car Accident Verdict $1,100,000
Assault at Concert $1,100,000
Construction Accident Fall from Ladder $1,100,000
Lead Paint Poisoning Settlement $1,000,000
Motor Vehicle Accident $1,000,000
Building Explosion Settlement $1,000,000
Forklift Accident $850,000
Construction Accident Settlement $750,000
Car Accident Settlement $800,000
Construction Accident Fall from Scaffold $690,000
Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Settlement $600,000
Motor Vehicle Rear End Collision $590,000
Trip and Fall Judgment $500,000
Car Accident Settlement $700,000
Falldown defective walkway $500,000
Trip and Fall Settlement $500,000
Supermarket Accident $400,000
Construction Accident Settlement $250,000
Falldown in Shopping Center $350,000
Medical Malpractice Settlement $225,000
Trip and Fall Construction Site $130,000
Trip and Fall on City Sidewalk $100,000
Negligent Supervision in School $100,000
Product Liability Settlement $100,000
Construction Accident $100,000
Escalator Accident Settlement $90,000
Car Accident Settlement $80,000
Construction Accident Verdict $2,700,000
Ceiling Collapse Settlement $550,000
Medical Malpractice Settlement $320,000
Car Accident Settlement $290,000
Negligent Security Settlement $245,000
Ceiling Collapse Settlement $220,000
Pedestrian Knockdown Settlement $190,000
Slip and Fall Settlement $175,000
Staircase Accident Settlement $170,000
Slip and Fall Settlement $120,000

$500,00 from a car accident in New York. Personal Injury lawsuit - An IBM employee got $500,000 for a car accident

A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident or medical malpractice.

The most common type of personal injury claims are road traffic accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, defective product accidents and holiday accidents. Indeed, there are a multitude of types of accident and the term personal injury also incorporates medical and dental accidents (which lead to numerous medical and dental negligence claims every year) and conditions which are often classified as industrial disease cases. Industrial disease type cases include asbestosis and mesothelioma, chest diseases (e.g. emphysema, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic obstructive airways disease), vibration white finger, occupational deafness, occupational stress, contact dermititus, and repetitive strain injury cases.

Where the accident was the fault of someone else, the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation from the person whose negligent conduct caused the injury. At least in the United States this system is complex and controversial with critics calling for various forms of tort reform. Attorneys often represent clients on a "contigency basis," in which the attorney does not charge for services until the case is resolved.

• This case was in New York . A woman recovered $500,000 as a total settlement after a car accident. As an employee at IBM Corporation with a stellar record, she was forced to miss about one year of work off and on over 4 years. Given that she was a wage earner, the insurer agreed to pay $500,000 to settle the case.

What will happen to yahoo?
Yahoo Microsoft merger, Yahoo google merger, Yahoo merger, Yahoo Aol merger, Yahoo Time warner merger. who knows.

Blackberry Storm - a touch smartphone made its debut in the US on November 21 2008

The Blackberry Storm is suppose to be release a month earlier. Verizon started selling the BlackBerry Storm on November 21, 2008, a smartphone with a touch screen. Verizon sells it for $199.99 with a two-year contact and after a $50 mail-in rebate, Blackberry Phones are the mob-e-mail leaders and the Storm release is the most direct shot at the iPhone. Lines were around the block when it came out and the phones are expected to be sold out. But by December 15 or earlier, the company will be making sure that Storm will be available in shelves of retailers for the holiday shopping season.

Unlike the iPhone, the Storm features a touch screen that depresses slightly when pressed, giving users the feel of a soft click. The letters on the screen will also light up when pressed. It has a back botton which the iphone lacks. I like the Blackberry Storm because it will allow you to check your email inside the New York Subways. BlackBerry handsets also boast robust e-mail capabilities that have famously attracted users such as President-elect Barack Obama.

More features of the Blackberry storm:
CAMERA:The Storm has 3.2 megapixels vs 2 megapixels on iphone. The Storm has image stabilization,white balance, autofocus, variable zoom and flash. It captures videos.
BATTERY: 2 weeks in standby and up to about 5½ hours using Verizon's CDMA network or overseas on Vodafone's GSM network.

Top ten credit card campany- the best with low interest

Shopping around for a credit card can save you money on interest and fees. You’ll want to find one with features that match your needs.
This information can help you
1 Understand the features of credit cards
2 Compare credit card features and costs
3 Know your rights when using your credit card
4 File a complaint if you have a problem with your credit card

Most of all convenience at your finger tips! Pay your credit card bill online, transfer high-rate balances, change your address and more - all in one secure place. Enroll in CardMember Services today.

This are the best top 10 credit card companies

1 First USA

2. Chase

3. NextCard


5. Bank One

6. Capital One

7. Providian Financial

8. AT&T

9. Novas

10. Citibank

Top 11 to 15

11. First Union

12. Peoples Bank

13. Commerce Bank

14. Security National Bank

15. Wachovia

Remeber, you can always call the credit company and ask for a special rates. I have done this so many times. They always adjust the rates and take out the late fees.
So call them for best deals or check special offers that these company advertise in the internet.

coming soon: nokia touch screen 5800 - "nokia 5800 xpressMusic" touch screen handset

The Nokia 5800 is designed for young folks whose lives revolve around music. The $407 price tag, before taxes and subsidies, is more than a third below that of an unsubsidized iPhone. And the 5800 will be available from a range of telcom companies, unlike the iPhone, which is officially available only from select providers such as O2 (TEF) in Britain or T-Mobile (DT) in Germany.

why is the Nokia 5800 a neat gadget?
1 made by Nokia who has 40% market in the global handset market
2 affordable to the youth market who are heavy music consumers
3 beginning next year, the phone will feature Nokia's Comes With Music service—a year's worth of downloads from a catalog that includes all four major labels and 4 million songs
4 the screen vibrates when touch indicating a confirmation to your command
5 better camera by Carl Zeiss lens.
6 browser can handle flash files that the iphone cannot.
7 better GPS because Nokia is the largest maker og GPS devices

cheap auto insurance - (cheap means having the best affordable coverage)

Have you been thinking about buying auto insurance online but aren’t sure whether it's the best way to go? There are many benefits to buying auto insurance online. Once you try it, you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Buying Auto Insurance Online Saves You Time and Money

Always shop around for cheap auto insurance. Cheap means having the same coverage. I know there are cheap ones out there, you just gotta find them. I did my shopping for auto insurance two ways. One is directly calling the insurance company through the phone and getting a quote. As well as using the internet providing data in getting a quote. After dealing with at least 3 insurance companies through the phone and the internet, the cheapest is through the internet. From my experience, getting a quote online from at least 3 insurance company really paid off. There is really a big difference. Its schocking because its in the hundreds. I was able to save money by just doing a 5 minute online quote from 3 insurance company. After my car accident, i realized to take auto insurance seriously unlike before my auto accident.

'Car accident and personal injury lawyer - get rich- find the best personal injusry lawyer

I was involved in a car accident last year of 2006 in New York City. It happened while I was on my vacation from work. My toyota was rear ended by a speeding car. The rear of my car was totally wreck. I was such in a bad shape physically and spiritually. I was so angry at the person who rear ended me, that I wanted to kill him for making my life in such a mess. First, I no longer have a car that gets me to work, I need to go to a physical therapist and all the paperwork that i have to furnish to the insurance company and my lawyer.
Thanks to a great lawyer from a law firm in lower Manhattan. I was able to get my car fix from Toyota and got $15,000 from my sufferings. My lawyers were able to get compensation for my injuries resulting from somebodies negligence. My lawyers only gets paid if the case is won or settled. These type of law firms also handles auto,bus,train,pedistrian,construction accidents, slips/trip/fall,lead paint poisoning, medical malpractice, defective products, wrongful death, general negligence, dental and nursing home negligence and etc. I have seen so many ads, im glad i didnt ignore them because those ads are for real. I can vouch for them because i am a client.