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Sunday, November 13, 2011

TWEETS FROM PRO ATHLETES AFTER PACQUIAO VS MARQUEZ 3 : Im not a boxing expert. I am not a professional boxing judge. I am just your typical boxing fan

Im not a boxing expert. I am not a professional boxing judge. I am just your typical boxing fan . Boxing is a very difficult sport. I love to watch boxing and I went an extra yard to take boxing lessons so that i can better understand the sport. After the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 fight, I honestly though that it was a draw. I am glad i was not a judge or else I would have fucked it up (excuse my french). I am expecting a lot from Manny, a TKO or KO, but Manny is not God and he has flows like all of us humans,in which Marquez capitalized on. In my opinion, if Marquez worked harder in the later rounds he could have conviced the judges for a draw or a win. If Marquez was awarded the win it would have been an injustice to the champ because he had more punches throwned and landed, although Marquez did have the cleaner punches that were showned in TV. He didnt really hurt or put Pacquiao in a dangerous postion to convince the judges that he was the man of the night.

Let me repeat. I am not an expert, I am just fan who is following the champ since 2007.

anyways here are the tweets from popular athletes after the fight.

Marvin Hagler "Disgusting result! #ROBBERY!"!/TheMarvelous0ne

Bernard Hopkins "FloydMayweather blow thru MannyPacquiao easy!!"!/therealbhop

OscarDeLaHoya "I'm still sitting on my couch in disbelief. Paquiao cannot compete with a counter puncher like Marquez. Juan has the Patience to wait and capitalize on mistakes. I think this shows how superior mayweather is."!/oscardelahoya

Andre Dirrell "Ok after this fight, I don't know what 2 think! Did JMM just have a good night, or did Pacman put on a great possum show 2 get MW! U TELL ME. GO GET YO GLOVES ON AND COME WHOOP THIS DUDE!!!! PACMAN CAN'T SEE YOU!!!"!/andredirrell


Steve Cunningham "All pro fighters I know ,guys which know what to look 4 in a fight had jmm winning. It's not just entertainment to us its a #lifestyle#"!/usscunningham

Anthonydirrell "If y'all think that they was bout to lose out on 150 million y'all crazy"

Matthew Macklin "It was close but still wrong...and for it to happen THREE times!!!!!?? WTF!!!"!/mattmacklin

Andre S.O.G. Ward "Well, I was wrong. Marquez is boxing a masterful fight. Marquez won this fight, period!!"!/andreward

Terry Norris "Wow! Thought PAC man would win. But clearly Marquez was robbed again. PAC did NOT win this fight."

Andre Berto "Smh WOW..... Come on u know Top Rank was gonna let Marquez **** the money up!!! Great fight though"

Omar Henry "Wow I just watched Pacquiao get beat and Marquez get robbed!!!! and yes I was one of the people in the crowd booing the robbery!!!!"

Chris Arreola "Marquez won, true champ. Let's see Mayweather-Pacquiao. ****."

Rashad Holloway "I'm team Pacquiao all day but Marquez won this fight hands down. Sad to see how politics run this sport when fighters work so hard."!/RASHADHOLLOWAY

Fernando Vargas "Well I'm DISGUSTED at tonight's event. It's sad that u can TRAIN your butt off for months and get jobbed at the end of the day! Truth is that EVERYWHERE Marquez goes EVERYONE will tell him that he WAS ROBBED & HELL FEEL LIKE HE WON BECUZ HE REALLY DID!!! SAME FOR PACMAN. EVERYWHERE HE GOES PEOPLE WILL TELL HIM HE REALLY LOST AND HE GOT A GIFT!!! LOVE THIS SPORT. But this is a SAD MOMENT FOR ME.

Juan Diaz "Great fight for the boxung fans but bad decision by the judges."!/1Babybull

Amir Khan "mayb a good draw or marquez by 1-2 rounds."!/amirkingkhan

Anthony Mundine "I luv PAC too...but he lost fair & square...but I'm sure he will return stronger...PAC v Marquez 4 #bringit. Actually I change my mind! Marquez deserves the pay day v money!! As he was really the victor! Don't think I wanna see 4. Even tho money."

Erik Morales "Nos robaroooon y feo. Marquez total reconocimiento es el segundo mexicano que le pone en su madre a pacquiao, gano y gano muy bien felicidadees!" Which translates to English as "They robbed us and it was an ugly robbery too. To Marquez total recognition, he is the second Mexican to beat the sh!t out of Pacquiao, he won and he won nicely. Congratulations!"

Jean Pascal "On my card Marquez WON!!!!"

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